December 14, 2022 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control during our December 14, 2022 release. Please review the release notes below carefully as some changes impact the way the system works.



  • Permission Refinement for Service Requests

We improved on service request permissions to accommodate scenarios where residents should only be permitted to view service requests that they submitted:
- we introduced a new permission "Can View Own Service Requests Only" which ensures users can only see their own service requests.
- the existing "Can View and Create Service Request" permission is been renamed to "Can View and Create Service Requests for All Users in the Unit".
- as part of this change, we also introduced an email preference allowing to receive or block email notifications when service requests are created or updated by other users in the unit. 

  • Ability for Certain Users to Administer All Service Requests of a Certain Type

We expanded on an existing permission to be assigned service requests. Previously users with just this permission could see only service requests assigned to them. Now if a group is selected as an "Administration Group" for a service request type, users will see all requests of the same type regardless of whether they were selected as assignee or not. 

  • Improvements to Nominee Question in General Proxy

To accommodate clients using multiple languages when creating a proxy, we added a merged field [Nominee] to the nominee question for general proxies. The field can be reused multiple times for the same question.

  • New Yardi Multi-Unit Workspace Setting

We introduced a setting for Yardi similar to a new Condo Manager setting. If a Yardi user is linked to multiple units, then a change to the name or phone number will be pushed to all of the corresponding Yardi records. 

  • New Workspace Setting Defining Extra Zego Credit Card Fee

We introduced a new workspace setting allowing admins to set an extra Zego payment provider credit card fee. The fee will be charged on top of the Zego credit card fee percentage. 

  • New Vendor Categories

In response to client requests, we added new vendor categories. 

  • Ability to Discard Violation Drafts

We added the ability to discard violation drafts or violation updates in draft status.

  • Ability to Search or Export Store Options from Workspace Setup

We added the ability to search, sort, and filter store products on a workspace setup page. Products can also be exported as an Excel file.


bug.pngBUG FIXES:

  • Fix to Password Reset Page

We made a couple of improvements to the password reset process:
- users will see a clear indicator about valid or invalid password as they type
- improved validation on the page where users choose a new password: up to 40 characters are now allowed

  • Fix to Search on Status Certificates Page

We fixed an issue with searching for status certificates for users with access to multiple workspaces within a portfolio. 

  • Fix to Security Patrol Scheduling on Mobile App

We addressed an issue with patrol start date/time on mobile app related to daylight savings time.

  • Fix to Service Request Permissions on Mobile

We addressed an issue affecting users with a certain combination of permissions on the mobile app. 

  • Fix to TOPS Integration

We addressed an issue affecting users with multiple emails on TOPS. Now only the email marked as "primary" will be synced. 


If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support by creating a case at

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