Lobby Display Model Suggestions

When a lobby display is created in Condo Control it generates a unique web URL that is entered into the display to project the content. Any Commercial Digital Display that can project a web URL will be compatible with Condo Control. The display must have the feature "Play via URL" or similar AND can connect to the internet via Wifi or Ethernet


PLEASE NOTE: Residential TV's such as the ones you can purchase at Best Buy are not suited for use with the Condo Control lobby display feature.

If you purchase a Residential TV to use with Condo Control, you will likely experience some or all of these issues:

  • Browser bar will remain visible
  • TV will turn itself off after a period of time
  • The display with not automatically refresh
  • Pictures and text will not scale properly
  • Pixel burn from running similar images for a long period


Commercial Digital Displays can be purchased from many authorized retailers, depending on your location.  



For suggested models of Samsung commercial displays:

Category Size Model Name
HD 32" QM32R-B
HD 43" QM43B
HD 49" QM50B
Ultra HD (4k) 55" QM55B
Ultra HD (4k) 43" QB43B
Ultra HD (4k) 49" QM50B
Ultra HD (4k) 55" QM55B


Please see the Samsung Smart Signage website for additional information.



For suggested models of LG commercial displays:

Category Size Model Name
FHD 32" SM5J
Commercial Lite 43", 50", 55", 65", 75", 86" UR640S9
UHD 43", 49", 55", 65", 75", 86", 98" UH5F


Please see the LG Commercial Display website for additional information.

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