File Library Overview

The file library allows administrators to upload and manage files on the system.

Recently Added Files

The first page you see in the file library shows any files that have recently been uploaded to the system. Clicking on a file allows users to view or download its contents, and administrators are able to edit the file, move the file to a different folder, delete the file if they wish and check file views. 

File Library Home

When you first navigate to "File Library Home", you will see a list of the different folders that your building uses. These folders can contain files that relate to the building's declaration, newsletters, amenity booking forms, etc. To access a folder, you can simply click on its name in the list, or select it from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Once inside the folder, you can view (and download) any of the files that have been stored in it.

When on "File Library Home", administrators also have the option to add new folders or file(-s) by clicking the links at the top-right of the list. Administrators can also edit any folder permissions they wish, and can do this by selecting "Options"- "Permissions" to the right of each folder name. Among other options they can also rename, remove or delete each folder. 


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