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Your Home Page is where you will land immediately after Signing In. From here, you are able to navigate to anywhere in the system.


When you first navigate to the announcements page, you will see a list of your building's current announcements, including the date they were posted, and their expiration date. You can perform a search for a specific announcement, and filter your search further by selecting "Current", "Past", or "All Announcements" from the drop-down menu.

Management also has the option to add new announcements. Here, you can input a title, description, attach a relevant file, and select the groups that will receive it. When creating an announcement, you must set an expiration date, however, if you want to make sure it is always viewable, you can choose to save it to the File Library. Finally, if you select the option to send paper copies of the announcement, you can choose an opt-out deadline, where recipients can request not to receive a paper copy of the announcement.

The events feature allows tracking of your condo's events (i.e. board meetings) in one centralized space. You can narrow down which events show up in the list by using the search function with the available drop-down menus. When you add an event, it is given a title, description, location, and date/time. You also have the opportunity to attach a file to go along with your invitation.

Like "Announcements" and "Events", the task feature allows you to track your condo's upcoming, and past tasks.

Adding a task - new tasks are given a title, description, status ("Not Started" by default), assignee, and due date. You can also attach any relevant files.

Viewing/Editing a task - Here, the task's details are displayed, as well as any relevant actions that have been taken. Users can choose to follow a task, and by doing this, they will receive an email every time the task is updated. Finally, at the bottom of the page, there is a section to update the task with any relevant information. Doing this, will show in the "Task Updates" section: who it was that updated it, a date/time stamp, and the comments or actions that they input.

Other Features:

  • Library
  • Service Requests
  • Amenity Booking
  • My Account
  • Condo Details
  • Maintenance
  • Reports


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