How to Set Up the Classified Ads Module

Follow the below steps to set up the Classified Ads module.


1. To set-up the discussion forum, log into Condo Control and click on “Welcome!” in the top-right corner of the page. Click “Setup” from the drop-down list.


2. Click on “Discussion Forum & Classified” on the left side menu.


3. Click on the “Classified Ads” tab.


4. To add a new Classified ad forum post click “Add New”.


5. You will be redirected to a page which reads “Create New Classified”.

Classified Title: What the user selects to name the classified ads post

Description: A brief description of what this aspect of classified ads can be used for.

Choose a moderator group: This allows you to select which group will be responsible for the approval, or disapproval of posts that users create.

Mask names on classified ads: When enabled, the names of the users posting on the forum will be masked - only their initials will be shown. 

Classified can be accessed by: This section allows you to select groups which the forum can be accessed by. If a certain group is not selected, they will be unable to see that specific discussion forum.


To change the moderator group, click on the drop-down menu. This will be a list of groups you can select from, to monitor (approve or deny) comments/posts on the forum.


6. Click the Add button.


7. Once you add the classified on the setup page, you will see it on the main page.



8. To edit any of the existing classified settings, click the “pencil icon”.



9. To delete any of the existing classified, click on the “garbage can”.




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