Activation Policy - New Order Terms, Conditions & Obligations


Please read carefully and ensure you understand all terms, conditions and obligations contained here-in. These terms are designed to ensure the best possible customer experience.


  • To avoid the awkward “I/we” and “my/our”, this document uses “I” and “my” to refer to the condominium corporation or company’s representative or representatives who are placing the order for Condo Control services.
  • Customer Representative refers to the individual from the Customer organization who is responsible for providing information to ensure a successful launch of Condo Control.
  • Subscription Start Date is the date on your order form when billing for your subscription
  • Activation Period refers to the first 30 days immediately after the order is signed.

Payment Terms

In order for work to begin on our activation, non-recurring charges must be paid in full by the Subscription Start Date on your order form. Recurring charges are due within 30 days after that. Any activation services provided after the Activation Period will incur an additional charge; see “Additional Services & Fees” for more details.

Activation Period Time Frame

The standard activation period is 21 days following the day the order is signed. If the Customer Representative would like a rush activation to launch Condo Control in 7 days, rush service is available for a one-time charge of $500.00. A delay in the start of your activation may inquire a fee; see “Additional Services & Fees” for more details.

Included Services

All Core activations of Condo Control Central include:

  • A designated Activation Specialist who will be the single point of contact throughout the activation period
  • A one-time import of all Owner/Resident data provided by the Customer Representative
  • A one-time set-up of the file library with appropriate permissions specified by the Customer Representative
  • Welcome Emails and Letters are generated with the client for all Owners/Residents
  • Online Training courses for Property Managers, Security, and Board Members
  • Online Training session with Customer Activation Specialist

All Premium package activations of Condo Control include:

  • Everything included in Core activations
  • A one-time setup of Amenities to match the condominium’s existing amenity booking process
  • One online (via Zoom) training session for the condominium’s Security and Concierge team
  • A one-time complete setup of additional modules (Discussion Forum & Classified Ads, Registration Configuration Purchase Orders)
  • Online Training courses for Security and Concierge
  • One online (via Zoom), training session for the condominium’s Management

Customer Obligations during the Activation Period

To ensure Condo Control launches on time, I agree to take the following actions:

  • Designate a single point of contact for my organization who will be responsible for ensuring the successful and timely launch of Condo Control (“Customer Representative”)
  • The Customer Representative will provide a complete Owner and Resident data file in excel format during or immediately after the initial meeting.
  • The Customer Representative must be available for the agreed weekly meeting; missed meetings which are not rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance will result in a $100 administrative fee applied to your subscription invoice. On completion of the activation, the activation specialist will list meetings set and any fees applicable.
  • If I am purchasing a Premium package with Security & Concierge features, I understand that:
    • A computer with internet access will be required at the security desk
    • If Hardware is required: For the parking permit printer, I must have an available electrical outlet and USB plug on the computer which will be hosting the parking permit
    • The condominium is responsible for re-ordering printer paper on an ongoing basis; 1 roll of paper is included with the printer
  • A computer with Windows 10 or greater is required.


  • If a lobby display is included in my order, I understand that:
    • My Customer Representative is responsible for installing aa standard electrical outlet according to the template provided by Condo Control.
    • My Customer Representative is responsible for ensuring a strong wired or wireless internet connection is available at the TV location
    • Any costs or additional site visits which are required due to connectivity problems will incur an additional charge


  • I understand that after sending Owner & Resident data to Condo Control Central, they will do a one-time setup of the system. As a result:
    • My Customer Representative is responsible for keeping track of all data changes (move ins, move outs, contact detail changes, etc) that happen between sending the data and launching CCC; and once CCC is up and running, they will make those changes in the system
    • Once the data is imported into the system, My Customer Representative is responsible for maintaining the data and keeping it fully up to date.
    • I understand that if the system becomes out of date and the data needs to be uploaded again, this will incur an additional charge (outlined below under "Available Services & Associated Fees")

Customer Obligations after the Activation Period

After the activation period has been completed and Condo Control Central is launched in my condominium, I agree that:

  • Once the initial import and training is completed, Property Management is required to keep the unit file up-to-date with latest owner/resident data.

Available Services & Associated Fees

The following additional services are available on a “pay per use” basis. For more information on Premium Support, please view the Support Policy or speak to your account representative.

  • Rush activation: $500 one-time fee (for activations that need to be completed in 7 days instead of the standard 21 days)
  • Data Import: Re-import / update of an outdated owner database starting at $125 per This may occur when data is not approved or provided back with changes in a timely manner or when a workspace is not utilized after import. This causes the resident data to be stale and no longer accurate, requiring a re-clean or re-import.
  • Consulting: Additional activation / consultation work after the initial activation period starting at $125 per hour
  • Missed Meeting Charge: A $100 fee applies for each missed phone activation
  • Balance Interest: Any amounts not paid by the due date indicated on the invoice will be subject to interest charges of Prime Rate + 3%, compounded monthly. Interest will accrue until the date when payment is received.
  • Reconnection Fee: If service is disconnected due to non-payment, a reconnection fee of $100


  • Activation Timeline: Standard activations and fees cover 60 days of activation time. Activations running beyond this 60-day period will be subject to hourly billing charged at $125 per hour. Activations running beyond this period where the customer is unresponsive will be terminated without refunds.
  • Taxes: All prices are subject to applicable taxes; taxes will appear on your final invoice.

If you have any questions about the above policies please speak to your account representative.



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