How to Log Maintenance Activity

1. Log into Condo Control.


2. Click on Maintenance in the side navigation.


3. Select the Add New Activity button.



4. First, select the System and Component the where the maintenance activity will be taking place.  


5. Enter details about the maintenance that occurred. 

Title: Input the title of the maintenance activity.  

Details: Input a description of the maintenance activity. 

Add Attachments: Upload any additional files if required. 

Assigned to: Assign someone from your maintenance team to the maintenance activity. They will be notified about any updates related to the maintenance activity. 

Start Date: Input the date when the maintenance activity will occur. 

Recurrence: Select whether the maintenance activity repeats. If you select Repeats, you will be prompted to choose the Repeat Type and related options. 

Status: Determine whether the maintenance activity is Not Started, In Progress, Completed, or Cancelled. 



7. Click Save to log the activity. 



8. You will now see the maintenance activity under the Activities List. Sort the list by assignee, or search for maintenance activities using the search bar. 





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