How to Add New Calendars onto the Events Page

1. Log into Condo Control and click on "Welcome!" on the top right hand corner of the screen. Click "Setup" from the drop-down list.


2. On the left hand side navigation, click on "Events"


3. You will be re-directed to the setup page for the different Events calendars.


4. To create a new calendar, click "New" on the top right hand corner 

5. You will now be on the setup page for a new calendar


6. Type in the calendar name and a description for the calendar.


7. Select the colour for the calendar. You may click on the space provided and a drop-down menu for different colours will show. If you know the HTML code for a specific colour, you may input that in the space provided. 


8. Select which groups will have access to the calendar. "No Access" will give no access to the group. "View Access" will allow the group to view the events on the calendar, and "Full Access" will allow the group to create, edit, view, and cancel events on the calendar.


9. Click "Save" to save your changes. 



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