Product Glossary

This glossary defines concepts and terminology related to our product. It's a great place to get started learning how to set up and use Condo Control.

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Accounting Integrations

Some clients utilize third-party accounting software for their property. Condo Control offers integration with a number of these platforms, meaning customer data, such as account balances, can be synced and appears in the Unit File. The platforms we offer integration with are QuickBooks, VMS, Yardi, Condo Manager, Constar, & Shift Suite.

Related Feature: Unit File & My Account

Synonyms: API, Connector, Synchronization 



The Announcements feature is used to send out electronic notifications to your community. This may include notices about upcoming maintenance, reminders of community regulations or updates on amenity hours. Announcements can be targeted to specific groups within your community and are sent via email, SMS/voice message, or posted to the Lobby Display.

Related Feature: Announcements 

Synonyms: Alert, Advisory, Update


Asset Management

Asset Management is a method of tracking any additional items or spaces that are associated with a unit (e.g., Boat Slip, Golf Cart, Snow Blower etc.). The Asset Management feature is accessible to community administrators and allows for all relevant asset information to be logged, tracked, and monitored.

Related Feature: Asset Management

Synonyms: Inventory Management, Registration Tracking


Asset Type

An Asset Type is a high-level category assigned to an asset (e.g., Vehicle, Tool, Equipment etc.). It is a mandatory field on the new asset form. Asset Types are configured on the setup page and can be customized for your community. 

Related Feature: Asset Management 

Synonyms: Linked Asset, Asset Category



Authorizations are people given permission by a resident to enter their unit independently, such as a Babysitter or Dog Walker. Authorized individuals can be let in by security without having to contact the resident first. Residents can create authorizations using the My Account feature or can give community administrators or security staff permission to create an authorization on their behalf. 

Related Feature: Security & Concierge & My Account

Synonyms: Authorized Entry, Permitted Visitors




A Badge is a physical or digital identification card assigned to community members. It typically includes the full name and photo of the individual, as well as a barcode that can be scanned by security staff. Badges are used to track and manage access to the community and it's amenities.

Related Feature: Unit File & My Account

Synonyms: Profile Badge, Access Card, ID Card, User ID


Budget Mailout

A Budget Mailout is a specific type of announcement sent to owners that outlines the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Budget Mailout will automatically update the monthly maintenance fees listed in the Unit File.

Related Feature: Announcements

Synonyms: Budget Mail Merge



Common Elements

Common Elements are additional spaces associated with a unit. This includes parking spots, storage lockers, and bike racks. Common Elements are tracked in the Unit File and can be viewed under My Account by residents. This is a static field, meaning no additional element types can be added.

Related Feature: Unit File & My Account

Synonyms: Utilities


Community Data Sheet

The Community Data Sheet is a one page summary of core workspace details including: community details, emergency phone numbers, management and board member information, and workspace vendors. The Community Data Sheet is available in any workspace that is part of a portfolio and can be accessed by portfolio users and workspace administrators. It can also be exported to .docx, .excel, and .pdf formats. 

Related Feature: Setup Page

Synonyms: Workspace Overview


Community Forum

The Community Forum is a private discussion platform available to Property Managers and Board Members. Through the forum, users can connect, ask questions, and share best practices. The Community forum can be accessed using your Condo Control login or by selecting the people icon in the top right of your workspace.

Related Feature: All Feature

Synonyms: Discussion Group




The Dashboard is the home screen of Condo Control where you will see a summary of various workspace activities. This may include upcoming events, pending amenity bookings, or recent announcements. You can customize your community's Dashboard from the setup page.

Related Feature: Home Page

Synonyms: Landing Page, Home Page



Electronic Voting

Owners are typically required to vote on specific matters at owners’ meetings. If your jurisdiction and community bylaws allow, owners can submit votes using Electronic Voting. Our Electronic Voting feature allows owners to submit vote in advance of a meeting and provides comprehensive reports to administrators. 

Related Feature: Proxy Voting & Virtual Annual General Meeting (VAGM)

Synonyms: Online Voting



Feedback Forum

The Feedback Forum is a platform where workspace administrators can provide feedback/requests to the Condo Control team for improvements, enhancements, or new features. In the forum, users can leave feedback, view other user's feedback, and vote or comment on feedback. The Feedback forum can be accessed using your Condo Control login or by selecting the lightbulb icon in the top right of your workspace.

Related Feature: All Feature

Synonyms: Suggestions Page




A users' group assignment determines how they interact with, and use, Condo Control. Groups define which features a user can access, as well as what they can do within each feature.  Each group can have different permissions which you can customize on the setup page. Sample groups may include: Owners, Renters, Security Staff etc.

Related Feature: Groups & Unit File

Synonyms: Role, Category




A Homeowners Association (HOA) is an organization within a residential community or neighborhood that manages and governs the community's common areas, amenities, and shared interests.

Related Feature: Groups

Synonyms: Housing Community 



Incident Report

An Incident Report is a record that provides details about an unexpected event or situation that may have caused harm, disruption, or potential risks to the community.

Related Feature: Security & Concierge

Synonyms: Write Up




A Job is a contract awarded to a specific vendor to perform a service or supply goods to the community. Jobs are part of the larger vendor portal feature and are created after management selects a vendors' quote.

Related Feature: Vendor Portal & Quote Requests

Synonyms: Work Contract



Key Tracking

Key Tracking is a feature that manages and monitors the whereabouts of keys within the community. It reduces the risk of loss or theft, and improves overall security and accountability.

Related Feature: Security & Concierge

Synonyms: Key Management 



Lobby Display

A Lobby Display is a screen typically located in the lobby of a building or in the elevator. It displays community information like announcements, classified ads, units with packages awaiting pick-up and more. The design, layout, and features that are shown on a lobby display can be customized by management. 

Related Feature: Announcements

Synonyms: Digital Bulletin Board, TV Display




A Macro is a pre-written response that can be inserted into a service request update, saving time and ensuring consistency. Marcos are created on the service requests setup page.

Related Feature: Service Requests

Synonyms: Auto-Fill 




A Notification is a message or alert that informs you about a specific action, update, or deadline in the workspace. Most notifications are sent through email but some appear directly in the workspace.

Related Feature: All Features

Synonyms: Alerts, Updates



Online Payments

Online Payments allow residents to pay for maintenance fees, amenities, store items, service requests, and violations from their workspace. The three payment providers we use are: Zego, Stripe, and Rotessa. Depending on the payment provider you use, you can either pay by credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Related Feature: Payments & Make a Payment

Synonyms: Money Transfer, EFT



Parcel Waiver

A Parcel Waiver is a form that authorizes the concierge team to accept packages, envelopes, and other items on behalf of residents. The waiver also makes it clear that neither the condo association, nor the staff of the condo, will be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.

Related Feature: Security & Concierge

Synonyms: Package Waiver


Pass-On Log

A Pass-On Log is a record keeping tool where security personnel document important information or incidents that occur during their shift. This log typically includes details such as visitor arrivals and departures, deliveries, maintenance issues, security incidents, and any other relevant information that needs to be communicated to the next shift or to property management.

Related Feature: Security & Concierge

Synonyms: Pass-on Instructions, Advisory, Notice



Each Condo Control user is assigned to at least one group on their workspace (e.g., Property Manager, Security, Owner etc.). Administrators give each group specific permissions which dictates the features they have access to and what actions they can perform. Staff-level groups, like Property Managers, typically have full permissions, whereas resident-level groups, like Renters, are given limited permissions.

Related Feature: All Features (Configured under Groups)

Synonyms: Access, Privileges 


Photo ID

Photo ID is document that includes a person's photograph and personal information, like full name and date of birth. Some communities require residents to upload Photo ID during user registration to comply with association bylaws and regulations. This field is sometime configured as Proof of Residency. 

Related Feature: Registration & Unit File

Synonyms: Proof of Residency, Identification 



Some users manage a series of properties and need one central place to access their workspaces and settings. Portfolios allow these users to login once and easily toggle between workspace. Some feature settings can be assigned at the portfolio level, meaning they will be applied to every workspace in the portfolio. Administrators can also view analytics across included workspaces.

Related Feature: All Features

Synonyms: Account, Platform. Hub


Profile Picture

A Profile Picture is a photo or illustration associated with a user's account. Profile Pictures are typically uploaded during user registration, but may be updated later from the Unit File or My Account. If your community utilizes badges, this is the photo that will appear on the badge.

Related Feature: Registration, Unit File, Badge ID

Synonyms: Display Picture, Avatar



A Proxy is a person who has been appointed to represent an owner or mortgagee at a condo corporation’s owners’ meeting. To appoint a proxy, owners must use the government-approved proxy form. Each voting unit is entitled to one vote, and there cannot be more than one proxy per unit. A proxy does not need to be a condo unit owner.

Related Feature: Proxy Voting

Synonyms: Standin, Representative



Quote Request

A Quote Request is an inquiry made to potential vendors to obtain pricing information on the goods or services they offer. Upon receiving a Quote Request, vendors can submit their quote through the Vendor Portal for consideration. This allows administrators to compare offerings and make informed decisions based on cost, quality, and delivery time.

Related Feature: Vendor Portal

Synonyms: Request for Proposal (RFP), Bid, Work Order



Resident Group

The Resident Group is a user group for any occupants of a unit that are not Owners or Tenants. These users can be called "Other Occupants" of a unit. For example children living with their parents would be added to the Resident Group.

Related Feature: Groups

Synonyms: Secondary Users



Service Request

Service Requests are online submissions made by owners or residents to management for various services or repairs within the community. This may include architectural change requests, door lock replacement, garbage chute issues etc.

Related Feature: Service Requests

Synonyms: Work Orders, Repairs, Change Requests


Setup Page

The Setup Page is where you can access and customize the settings for your workspace features. For example, you can create amenities, add event calendars, change group permissions etc. You can access the Setup Page from the Welcome menu in the top right corner of your workspace.

Related Feature: All Features

Synonyms: Configuration, Back-End Page, Administrative Settings


Status Certificate

A Status Certificate is a document provided by the condo corporation or HOA. It contains important information about the financial and legal status of the condo corporation or HOA, as well as details about the specific unit being sold or transferred.

Related Feature: Status Certificates

Synonyms: Estoppel Certificate, Resale Certificate




The Tasks module is used by administrators to organize, monitor, and manage tasks and activities that need to be completed within the community. Tasks can be assigned to specific users or user groups and can be followed by interested parties. This feature is only available to staff-level accounts (i.e., Property Managers, Board Members etc.). 

Related Feature: Tasks

Synonyms: To Do's




A Unit is a specific residence within the community. For example, in a condominium there may be 10 units per on a floor named Unit 101, Unit 102, Unit 103 etc.  At a given time a unit can be occupied by an owner, renter, or resident. 

Related Feature: All Features

Synonyms: Place of Residence


Unit Details

Unit Details is a specific section on the unit page. It is accessible from the Unit File and includes information like the occupancy status, offsite mailing address, legal name/description and more.

Related Feature: Unit File

Synonyms: Unit Description 


Unit File

The Unit File is a directory or all the units and users within a community. It is the centralized place where administrators can keep track of unit information like maintenance fees, common elements, or lease details and user information like phone numbers, buzzer codes, and badges. The Unit File is only accessible to staff-level accounts. Residents can see their own unit and user information using the My Account feature. 

Related Feature: Unit File

Synonyms: Resident Database, Resident List


Unit Fraction

Many communities require their residents to pay monthly or annual maintenance dues. The specific amount is sometimes determined using a fraction system. Unit Fraction is the portion of fees that a unit is responsible for. 

Related Feature: Budget Mailout & Unit Ledger

Synonyms: Fee Assignment 


Unit Ledger

Unit Ledger is a record-keeping feature that tracks financial transactions related to units within a community. It is used to track accounts receivables, record payments and credit memos, and provides homeowners with insights into their financial transactions. Unit Ledger offers functionality similar to third-party accounting platforms like QuickBooks.

Related Feature: Unit Ledger

Synonyms: Invoicing, Accounting, Account Balance


Unit Legal Description

Unit Legal Description is the unique identifier for each separate entity within a property corporation or the individual properties, which are part of a homeowner's association. Condo Control relies on this legal identifier to establish a unique unit file for each customer corporation.

Related Feature: Unit File, Accounting Integrations

Synonyms: Unique Legal Description



Users are the people that use the Condo Control platform. They can be residents, security, property managers or any other individual using Condo Control. Each user will have a specific access level and will see specific features determined based on their permissions.

Related Feature: All Features

Synonyms: Client, Person, Individual


User Guides

User Guides are articles created by the Condo Control team that address FAQs, provide product information, or outline step-by-step instructions on how to perform tasks. They are accessible 24/7 and allow users to independently troubleshoot before contacting Support.

Related Feature: User Guide

Synonyms: User Manual, Articles, Help Center




A violation is any action or behavior that goes against the Bylaws or Rules and Regulations set forth by the Condominium or Homeowners Association. This may include items like excessive noise, improper garbage disposal, smoking in common areas, or making unauthorized architectural changes.

Related Feature: Violation Tracking

Synonyms: Infraction, Sanction 




Every property that uses Condo Control has their own workspace. A workspace is the hub from which users can access their features and settings. This is your platform on Condo Control which you can customize for your community.

Related Feature: All Features

Synonyms: Account, Platform


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