March 6, 2024 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control during our March 6, 2024 release. Please review the release notes carefully as some changes impact the way the system works. A video summary is available at the end of the article.


process-improvement.png IMPROVEMENTS:

  • Performance Improvement to Saving Signature

Implemented performance improvement to saving signature from signature pad to improve user's experience affected by timeouts. 

  • Performance Improvement to Loading Discussion Forums

Implemented enhancements to the loading speed of discussion forums, particularly those with hundreds of topics, to reduce load time.

  • Performance Improvement to Loading Tasks

Enhanced the performance of the tasks module to optimize loading times, especially for communities with a high volume of tasks.


bug.png BUG FIXES:

  • Fix to Saving History Records for User Details Changes

Addressed an issue where history records for certain user detail changes were not appearing on the Unit File > History Records page. Now, changes such as first name, last name, common name among others will be properly logged.

  • Fix to Portfolio Language Display

Resolved an issue where portfolio information was displayed in a language different from the user's selected preference.

  • Fix to File Library Access for Deleted User Groups

Corrected an issue where users from deleted groups could still access file library folders they were previously granted access to.

  • Fix to Issue with Making a Payment by Users with Saved Payment Method

Fixed an issue encountered by users with saved payment details, where they would encounter an error when attempting to make an online payment.

  • Fix to Creating a Duplicate Vendor on Portfolio Level

Resolved an issue related to the creation of duplicate vendors at the portfolio level, which occurred under specific workspace creation conditions.

  • Fix to Vendors List on New Quote Requests

Fixed an issue where some registered vendors were not appearing when creating a new quote request.

  • Fix to Displaying Visitor Arrival Time on Visitor Parking Passes

Corrected an issue where visitor arrival times were inaccurately displayed under the Recent Visitors section on the web app.

  • Fix to Displaying User Account Balance under My Account

Addressed an issue where the user account balance would erroneously display as zero when navigating between pages, specifically at the bottom of pagination.

  • Fix to Collecting Signatures for Proxy Forms on General and Ontario-Specific Proxies

We have resolved an issue where the ability to collect signatures was unavailable for proxies with a general or Ontario-specific type when submitted from mobile apps. With this fix, users can now effectively collect signatures on proxy forms of these types using mobile apps.

  • Fix to Total Capacity Setting for Amenity Bookings

We've tackled a problem where users could surpass the designated total capacity when booking amenities.

  • Fix to Amenity Booking Setup on Workspaces without Payment Provider

Users can no longer configure amenities with the payment method "online payment" unless a payment provider is linked to the workspace.


2023-05-10_11-50-07.jpg VIDEO SUMMARY:


If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support by creating a case at

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