May 16, 2024 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control during our May 16, 2024 release. Please review the release notes carefully as some changes impact the way the system works.


bug.png BUG FIXES:

  • Fix for Visitor Parking Count of Day and Night Passes

Resolved an issue with the count of parking tickets being separately counted towards the day and night pass limit.

  • Fix for Declined Card Payment Handling on UI

Fixed a UI issue where declines were not properly handled when a credit card payment failed. Users will now see an error message after a failed payment on Condo Control for amenity bookings, online payments, or store orders. Failed payments will be captured with a "Failed" status on the Stripe dashboard.

  • Fix for Skipped Registration Setting

Corrected an issue with the workspace setting "Skipped Registration Enabled". Users will now be unable to request password reset until they complete the registration process if the setting is enabled.

  • Fix for Syncing of Users without Last Name from QuickBooks Online Integration

Fixed an issue with the QuickBooks Online integration allowing users to be imported without a last name. Upon importing, such users will display a "No integration data found" message under the last name field, as the last name field is mandatory on Condo Control.

  • Fix for Online Payments Report

Resolved an issue with the Online Payment report's filter by payment method not working correctly in combination with filtering by payment provider. The payment method filter will now correctly allow filtering by one of the available payment methods when combined with the payment provider filter by one of the existing payment providers or an offline option.


If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support by creating a case at

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