How to Create a Survey

To create a Survey for the residents in your condominium, follow the steps below!


1. Once logged into Condo Control Central, Click Survey from the left side menu list


2. Click on New to create a new survey.



3. In the Design section, you will be creating the settings for the Survey.

1) Title - Enter the title of the survey

2) Email Description - This will be shown in both the email notification and the user landing page of the survey.

3) Expiration Date - When the survey will be no longer available to complete.

4) Who should Receive it - Enter the groups who should receive the survey.

5) How many minutes does it take to finish the survey? - You will be able to inform the recipients of the survey on the estimated number of minutes it will take them to complete the survey.

6) Thank you page - This will be shown after the recipients complete the survey.

7) Hide result until over - Check this box if you would like to hide results until the survey is over

8) Non administrators can view result - Check this box if administration can view the results of the survey. 



4. Once complete, select Next. 



5. In the Questions section, you will fill out the questions to be answered by the recipients.

You have two choices of questions:

1) Multiple Options - Which gives you the option to give a question and provide an answer to choose. You may add additional answers by clicking on the plus sign button. 


2) Comment Box - Allows you to ask a question and allow the recipients to fill out their answer.


You may add new questions by clicking on the Add Question button. Once you have entered all questions, click on the Next button.



6. In the Review section, you will be given an overview on the details and questions of the survey. If you are satisfied with the survey, click on Save and Publish. To go back and edit the survey, click on the Back button.



7. You will then reach a page showing you the published Survey.


8.  To view the responses to the survey, return to the list and select the View icon. 



9. Then, select the Responses tab to view the number of responses and the percentage for each answer for the multiple options questions. 



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