Store - How to Enable and Create Products

Follow the steps below on how you can get your Store setup as well as how to create new store products!


1. Login to Condo Control Central


2. Navigate to the Setup page by Clicking on "Welcome!" in the top-right corner of your window.


3. Click on the Store/Payments tab from the left-side menu.


4. If the Store functionality is disabled, please be sure to Enable it by clicking on "Click here to change this setting".


5. From the drop down menu for Selected Option, select Yes and click on Save.


6. Once enabled, click on the New button to add a new Product in the Store.


7. Enter all required fields for the new Product. Terms and Conditions can be included by selecting "Agree Online" - you may then enter the text details for the conditions. Enter a Price, optionally add an image and, once complete, click on Save.



8. Once Saved, the new Product can be found in the Store by residents.

Get Additional Help

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