Purchase Order Setup- Sending for Approval

When creating a Purchase Order, you may set up your purchase orders to require Approval at all times, or after a certain dollar amount is reached. To set this up , please follow the below steps!


1. Login to your Condo Control account.


2. Step 1. Click on Welcome, Step 2. Click on Setup from the drop down menu.


3. Click on Purchase Order from the left side setup menu.


4. Click on Approval Rules from the tabs running across the page.



5. Click on the Edit Button.



6. Click Yes for both Requires Approval Default and Activate Rules for Approval and click Save. By choosing Yes for Activate Rules for approval, you are able to create an amount in regards to Purchase Order that must get approval. 


7. Click on the New button to the right of Approval Rules to set these rules.



8. When inputting new approval rules, follow each step:

STEP 1: Lower Limit - What is the minimum dollar amount that is required for approval STEP 2: Upper Limit - What is the maximum dollar amount that is required for approval 

STEP 3: If you require the Purchase Order to have approval, check the box  for "Send for approval"

STEP 4: Number of Approvers - How many people are required to approve this purchase order for it to be approved ? 

STEP 5: Press Save if you wish to save this new rule or press Cancel to discard this new rule you have made. 




9. Once you click Save, you will see the Approval Rules detailed in the Purchase Order Settings. You can create a new one by clicking the New button. You can also Edit by clicking on the Pencil Icon or delete by using the Trash Icon.



Below is an example of how the New Purchase Order will work when the cost is higher than $1000 based on the Approval setup for Purchase Orders. You may select the Approvers - note that at least two must be included based on the Approval Rules. Once the Purchase Order is complete, click on Send for Approval to send emails to the Approvers selected.

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