Online Payments - How to Revise or Cancel Recurring Payments

This user guide outlines how to revise or cancel recurring payments using the Make a Payment feature.

Cancel Recurring Payment

1. Login to Condo Control account.



2. Select Make a Payment from the main menu.


3. From the payments page, click Manage Payments.


4. Select the Delete icon to cancel a recurring payment. This will cancel all future payments.


5. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm. Once you select Delete, the recurring payment will be removed from the system and it will no longer appear under the Manage Payments section. 


Revise an exisiting Recurring Payment

To revise a recurring payment, you will have to first delete/cancel the payment and create a new one with revised, corrected details. 


1. Please follow the steps to cancel a recurring payment above. 


2. Then, return to the homepage and click "Make a Payment". 


3. Then, click "Make a Payment".


4. Fill in the details related to your payment. Enter the amount you will pay as well as the invoice number if applicable. Then, in the "Type of Payment" section, select "Recurring payment". Then, enter a Requestor comment (if applicable) and click "Next". 



5. Review your payment details and click on "Create recurring payment". 



6. Enter your card details and click "Pay". 


Get Additional Help

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