Print Setup - How to create a new Print Job

Condo Control Central have partnered with Catsmedia to assist in the Printing and Mailing of AGM Packages and formal documents straight from Condo Control Central! To find out how to do so, please follow the steps below!


1. Login to CCC


2. Click on the Print Job tab from the left side menu


3. Click on the New Print Job button.


4. In this section you will be able to select your Print Material - whether it is an Announcement or Proxy attachment. You will then be able to either Search for the Announcement/Proxy and choose from the drop down search results in the "Select One" section. You can also View the attachment you are printing by clicking on the View icon. Once the attachment is complete, click Continue.


5. You will then be directed to the Print Options page. You will find the Announcement attachment under the File Name, the number of units without E-Consent or Email who will have the announcement printed for them. You will also have a choice on whether you would like to use mail-out services or not and you can enter any special instructions in regards to the printing. Once complete, click Continue.


6. You will be able to review the order details in the next section and an overview of the price in details. Once you have confirmed the details, click Submit Order and the Order will be Submitted for processing.



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