Registration – How to Enable Groups to Edit Account Details

Select on “Welcome” and “Set up” located in the upper hand menu

Select “Welcome Site Settings” located on the left-hand menu and ensure this checkmark is checked off for either Owner, Tenants or Residents. In this example below all three groups of individuals will be able to edit their account details.

Select “Groups” located on the left-hand menu and select the pencil icon next to the group you are looking to edit. Note: this must be a built-in group such as Owner, Renters or Residents.

Here you can check off what the individuals who register are able to edit during this process.

Once you are happy with what you have selected you can scroll down and click “Save”

Please note: if you wish for all Owners, Residents, and Tenants to have the same and/or different permissions to edit, this will need to be done manually for each separate group.

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