Registration – How to Upload Consent Documents

This user guide will review how to upload consent documents to your workspace. Users will be required to complete these documents during the registration process.


1. Log in to your Condo Control account and select Setup from the Welcome menu. 



2. Select Welcome Site Settings from the menu on the left hand side. 



3. Select the Consent Documents tab in of the page and select Add New.



4. Fill out the appropriate fields. 

1) Name the document

2) Link it to a feature

3) Add any relevant legal text

4) Select which groups have access to the form 

5) Select whether or not a signature is required


Note: If you're creating a Parcel Waiver, Link it to feature using the dropdown menu. This will ensure the completed form it appear in the Unit File



5. Once you are done filling the form select Create.


6. You will now be brought back to the original screen where you can see all your Consent Documents. You can remove or edit existing ones you have created previously using the icons beside the feature. 



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