Online Payments - Managing Payment/Setup

1) Select “Welcome” located on upper right hand of the screen and select “Setup”

2) Select “Store/Payments” then select “New” next to Online Payments


3) Fill out the Below information:

  • Payment Types:
    • One Time Payment – This allows your Owners and Residents to pay one time. Examples include: Payment for special items that are not to be listed on the store
    • Recurring Payment- Payments will be charged for the first day of each month. Example: monthly maintenance fees that are the same for everyone
    • Both - This will allow the Owners and Residents to decide how they are paying this fee
  • Fee Amount:
    • No Specific Amount – Owners and Residents will be able to select and choose the amount they do
    • Specific Amount – Owners and Residents will be paying a set fee every time

Once this is set up and payments have been made you will be able to view them in “Manage Payments” on the main “Make A Payment Page” on the home page.

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