Purchase Order- New Purchase

1. Log into your account on Condo Control Website

2. Go to the left hand side of your screen and scroll down till you find the Purchase Order Tab and click on it. 


3.The Purchase Orders Screen shall appear. Then go to your top right screen in the Purchase Orders screen where it says New Purchase Order. Click on that button to to continue to create a New Purchase Order. 



4. Follow the order from steps 1 to 4 

    Step 1: Select your Supplier required by clicking on the drop down box below. 

    Step 2: Put in the deadline required for this purchase order to be completed by. 

    Step 3: Complete the service address for the required Purchase Order. 

    Step 4:  For related user if this Purchase Order is for Sam Smith at unit 201 then you would                      look them in the related user box "Sam Smith."




5. Follow the order from left to right starting with Product/Service and end at total cost. 

  Product/Service:  Fill in the required product or service being used 

  SKU:  Attach a SKU number if applicable

  G/L:  Enter General Ledger for Supplier if applicable.

  Description:  Write a description for the job being done or what the product is.

  Quantity:  What was the quantity of the product required

  Price:  The price of that product or service 

  Sales Tax:  The correct sales tax for your region to be applied here

  Total Cost:  The final total cost of the service or product with tax included



6. Follow the order from steps 1 to 7

    Step 1: Please select if the Purchase order requires approval or not 

    Step 2: Select by putting your mouse in the box and finding the required individual to approve                  this purchase order

    Step 3: Choose how many people are required to authorize this purchase order  

    Step 4: Attach any files required to the purchase order for relevance. 

    Step 5: Put in any notes that you have for the Supplier 

    Step 6: Put in any notes for the Approver

    Step 7: Click on yes or no if you would like to Link this Purchase Order to a Service Request

    Step 8: Press Send for Approval, if you are happy with your purchase order.

If you would like to save the Purchase Order not have it approved click on the Save as Draft tab.






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