Purchase Order - New Purchase

1. Log into your account on the Condo Control Website.


2. Select Purchase Order from the left hand menu. 



3. The Purchase Orders Screen shall appear. To create a new purchase order, select New Purchase Order at the top right side of the page.



4. Follow these steps.

    Step 1: Select your Vendor by clicking on the drop down box below. 

    Step 2: Put in the deadline required for this purchase order to be completed by. 

    Step 3: Complete the service address for the required Purchase Order. 

    Step 4: Select the related user by either looking up their name or unit number. 



5. In the next section, fill out the following details: 

  Product/Service:  Fill in the required product or service being used 

  SKU:  Attach a SKU number if applicable

  G/L:  Enter General Ledger for Supplier if applicable.

  Description:  Write a description for the job being done or what the product is.

  Quantity:  What was the quantity of the product required

  Price:  The price of that product or service 

  Sales Tax:  The correct sales tax for your region to be applied here

  Total Cost:  The final total cost of the service or product with tax included



6. Next, continue to fill out the rest of the form following these steps. 

    Step 1: Select whether or not the Purchase order requires approval.  

    Step 2: Select from the list of approvers for the purchase order.

    Step 3: Choose how many people are required to authorize this purchase order.

    Step 4: Attach any relevant files to the purchase order. 

    Step 5: Add any notes that you have for the Supplier.

    Step 6: Add any notes for the Approver.

    Step 7: Click on yes or no if you would like to Link this Purchase Order to a Service Request and/or job. 

    Step 8: Once complete, select Send for Approval. If you would like to save the Purchase Order and NOT have it approved, click on the Save as Draft tab.



7. You will now see your purchase order pending approval. 


Once it has been approved, the purchase order will be moved to the Purchase Orders list. 



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