How to Filter a Report

The "Reports" section allows administrators to run and print different reports based on your needs. If you want to know how to run a report, click here

This article will tell you how to apply certain parameters to your report. 


In order to do this, go to the Report section on the left-side menu and open a selected report from the list. Press the funnel icon (Parameters) on the upper right side of the menu (we will take "Amenity Usage" report as an example).


The report can be filtered by various parameters, such as: amenity, date or selected period time, payment type, amenity status or workspace. 

Press "Submit" once the necessary filters are selected. 

Press "Reset" if you want to clear the fields. 


2. To export the report in a necessary format, select "Export options" buttons


 3. Select "Search button" to search information in the report. Type/paste data in the search field and press enter; the results will be outlined. If applicable, select one of the filters below "Match case" or/and "Match whole word only". 

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