How to use the Security Patrol on the Mobile App

Security Patrol functionality on the mobile app includes the following features, which will be explained in this guide: 1) Start Patrol, 2) Check Incident, and 3) Check Schedule.



Start Patrol

Once the route is created and checkpoints are added to it, guards can start the security patrol around the building. 

Follow the steps below on how you can use the “Start patrol” functionality:

1. Login to your Condo Control account.

2. Click on Security Patrol from the left side menu.


3. Click on Start Patrol.


4. Select one of the following options:

        - Start Scheduled Patrol or

        - Start Unscheduled Patrol 

Start Scheduled patrol allows security guards to start a pre-assigned patrol. Administrators with permissions will have the option to schedule a patrol. Please revise this user guide on How to Schedule a Security Patrol. 

Start Unscheduled Patrol allows users to select a route available to patrol. 


5. Click the necessary type of the patrol. In this user guide we will use the Unscheduled     Patrol. Click on Unscheduled Patrol and select a necessary patrol route from the list.


6. You will then be asked to scan the checkpoints in the same sequence as they were added to the system. 

If you scan the wrong checkpoint, the pop-up window will appear with the error message, asking you to head to the necessary checkpoint to continue the patrol.

After the checkpoint is successfully scanned, the green checkbox will appear and you will be asked to continue scanning the rest of the checkpoints.

Once all the checkpoints have been scanned, the pop-up window will appear informing about the completed patrol. 


Once the phone is connected back to wi-fi, the data will be synchronized with the website and the calendar will be updated with the details of the completed route. 


Create Incident (add image)

Follow these steps if an incident has to be reported during the patrol route.  Please note, the incident can only be reported if there is an ongoing patrol. 

1. Follow the steps 1-6 of the "Start patrol" instruction explained above in this user guide.

2. Before scanning the checkpoint, click on "Have a problem? Click here" link 


3. You will see the page with the information on the last scans for the checkpoint and information on the recent incidents



4. Click on "+" button to add a new incident



5. Select one of the following options: "Create an incident", "Take a picture for patrol" and "Upload existing picture for patrol".


6. After selecting the first option, you will need to fill out the fields for a new incident report.

Type: select one of the incident types set up in Security&Concierge settings on the website
Recipients: select a group that will receive the notification about the incident
Date: select a date of the incident from the calendar
Time occurred: select the time of the incident on the calendar clock or set time manually by clicking the keyboard sign
Title: add the title for the incident
Details: add the details for the incident



7. Once all the fields are filled, press the "save" sign located on the upper right corner of the page. The pop-up message will appear notifying about the creation of the incident. 


The information will then be updated under "Recent Incidents". If the wi-fi is off, the data will be uploaded when the phone is connected to the internet. 

Press "Back" to continue the patrol route. 


If the application was closed during the ongoing patrol route, the incident can also be created from the main menu of Security Patrol by clicking on "Create Incident" button. 


Check Schedule (Add Image)

This feature allows to see the records of the conducted routes and check the information about the upcoming routes (in case there are scheduled routes created on the website).

Follow these steps if you need to check the patrol activities:

  1. Login to your Condo Control account. 
  2. Click on Security Patrol from the left side menu
  3. Click on "Check Schedule"

The section "Activity" allows to see the records of the completed routes. 



The section "Upcoming" shows the details of the scheduled patrol. 

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