Security Patrol Emails and Reporting

Once a patrol route is created, the groups set up to administer security patrols will receive the notifications of three types with a summary of a patrol to their emails:

  • Completed patrol alert
  • Partially completed patrol alert
  • Missed patrol alert.

 The reports contain information about the route, start and end time of the patrol, checkpoints scanned and incidents created. 




Security Patrol Reporting


The following Report from the Reports section allows Property Management and Security Admins to extract important information from their Condo Control Central work space.


The Report can be filtered according to the start/created date, routes or status of the patrol (completed, partially completed or missed)


The information about the Security Patrols can also be accessed via the Security&Concierge Console:

1. Click the "Security&Concierge" Console on the left-side menu


2. Select "Security Patrol" from the drop-down menu and click "Search"



3. Click on the title o the patrol to see full details.



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