E-Consent: Mailing Label Report for Owners without E-Consent

There are residents who do not wish to provide E-Consent for legal documents - this means you will need to provide them with a mailed copy of the documents. As these are documents you are most likely providing to Owners, follow the below steps in order to extract a Mailing Label Report for Owners without Electronic Consent.

1. Use the Announcement feature to send out the preliminary AGM announcement for example, to all Owner groups. You can add a note within the Details of the announcement along the lines of the below:
"Owners without Electronic Consent can expect a mailed copy"




2. a) Once you have sent this announcement to all Owner groups - you will see the below screen. Click on Download Mailing Label Report to download the report.



    b) Also, you may get back to this screen at a later date by clicking on the Announcements feature. Click on the specific announcement - then click on the Details button, and under Mailing details, you will see Download Mailing Label Report. Click on this to download the report.


3. By clicking on this, you will have a report downloaded of recipients of the announcement who do not have electronic consent - because the recipients of this report are the Owner groups, they will be the ones listed in the downloaded report, along with their mailing addresses.



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