Purchase Order - General Settings

When creating a Purchase Order, you will first need to set up and edit your purchase order settings in the General Settings. 


1. Go to the Welcome tab select Setup from the drop down menu. 



2. Scroll down and click on the Purchase Order tab.



3. Under the General Settings section, click on Edit.  



4.  Please follow the list according Editing your Purchase Order Settings 

1) Corporation Number Please put in your Corporation Number.

2) Custom Text:  Put in any customized text you would like your Purchase Order to have.

3) Print Mode Default: Choose either landscape or Portrait for your Purchase Order format.

4) Service Request Comment Type: For any service requests comments can either be internal                  or public depending on your Purchase Order.

5) Administrative Status for PO:  You can input what areas will require approval in the Purchase Order.

6) Enable Custom Terms & Conditions: Select whether you would like to enable terms and conditions for the purchase order. 

Once you have completed all 6 steps you can now Save this Purchase Order Setup or if you wish to Cancel/ delete this Purchase Order Setup you can do so by pressing Cancel.









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