How To Save A Custom Report

If you use a specific variation of a report often, saving it as a custom report will save time when it is needed in the future. Please note, not all reports can be customized.


To customize a report:

1. Log in to your Condo Control Central account, then click on the Reports button on the left-hand menu



2. Click on the Standard Reports Tab, then click on the Run Report button to the left of the report you would like to customize


3. Click on the Customize Report button, this will open the additional options shown below.

  • Drag the items you would like to Show from the row called 'Do not show' to the row 'Show' and vice versa.
  • Click on Create New, then Click on Run Report



4. Once you click on 'Run Report', your custom report will have been created and will be available under the custom report tab. To access it, click on the custom reports tab as shown below:





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