Service Requests: How to Add/Edit Macros

This user guide outlines how to add and edit Macros from the Service Requests setup page.

Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the service requests setup page:

Service Requests: Setup Page Overview



Macros can be used to create automated responses to typical service requests.


1. Start by Logging into your Condo Control account and select Settings from the Welcome menu. 



2. Select Service Requests from the Settings menu. 



3. Under the Macros, tab, you can add and edit macros.



4. To add a new macro, select Add New. To edit or remove an existing macro, select the Edit or Delete icon. 



5. Fill out the Service Request Macro form. 

1) Macro Name - Assign a name to the macro.

2) Related Tags - Add tags to help with searchability. 

3) Description - Input the macro text in this field. 

Once complete, Select Save. 

The macros will appear as shown below when responding to a service request, click on 'Use a Macro' to use a macro.



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