How to Add & Upload Parcel Waiver Forms

This user guide outlines how to add a new parcel waiver form and upload paper copies of completed parcel waivers. The parcel waiver form will be sent to users when they register for their accounts.


A parcel waiver is a form that authorizes the concierge team to accept packages, envelopes, and other items on behalf of the resident. The waiver also makes it clear that neither the condo association, nor the staff of the condo, will be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.


Add Parcel Waiver Form

1. Click on Setup under the Welcome menu.



2. Then, select Welcome Site Settings on the left hand menu. 



4. Click on the Consent Documents tab and select Add New. 



5. Fill out all the form details.

1) Name the document.

2) Link it to the Parcel Waiver feature.

3) Add the relevant text.

4) Select which groups should receive the form.

5) Select whether or not a signature is required.


6. Once completed, select Create. Your new parcel waiver form has now be added to the consent documents. 



Upload Completed Parcel Waivers

You can upload paper copies of a signed parcel waiver to the Unit File.

1. Select Unit File from the left hand menu.


2. Search for the user and click on their name.


3. Select the User tab and select New beside Parcel Waivers


4. Enter the date the waiver was signed and upload the document. If applicable, add any relevant notes then click Save.


5. The parcel waiver has now been added to the Unit File.


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