How to add a new parcel waiver form

This user guide is to help you when it comes to adding a new parcel waiver form  

The steps are as follows: 

1) Click on the Welcome feature on the right hand side 


2) Click on the Setup feature 


3) On the left hand side you will see Welcome Site Settings feature click on that feature


4) Click on the tab " Consent Documents"  then " Add New " 



6) Please follow steps A,B,C 

        A) Complete the name

        B) Link to feature

        C) Add in any legal text for the new parcel waiver form




7) Please follow the steps from A to C 

                A) Select the groups you are wanting to send this waiver to

                B)Check off if you would like the groups to sign this waiver. 

                C) Once complete click on the tab called " Create" 




You have completed the user guide on how to " Add a new parcel waiver form" 

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