How to edit Workspace settings ( Workspace Name, Time Zone, Reply to Address for notices)

In this user guide we will show you how to edit your Work space Settings features ( work space name, time zone, and reply to address for notices) 



This user guide will go over how to change your building name in the Condo Control Central portal. 

Here are the following steps: 

1) Click on the Welcome tab which is located on the top right hand side 
2) Click on the Setup feature


3) On your left hand side click on the Workspace settings feature


4) Under the heading Workspace settings you will see "  Workspace Name", " Time Zone", "Reply to Address for notices" . 

 A) Workspace Name: 

5) Click on the pencil icon beside your buildings name 


6) Change the Website name to the name you require and click on the save feature



Now you have completed How to edit your Workspace name. 


B) How to edit your Time Zone 


1) In  " Workspace Settings you will see the headline " Time Zone"  please click on the pencil icon beside the current Time Zone. 



3) In the heading " Selected Option"   select the new time zone you are wanting to change to then click the save button. 




C) How to edit reply to address for notices


1) In  Workspace settings  you will click on the pencil icon beside the headline ""Reply to Address for notices" 



2)  Now  beside  the value segment:  edit the email address you are wanting to change so residents can reply to notices and those email messages can be sent directly to your team.  Next please click the Save button. 





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