How to Remove Users from a Unit and Delete a Unit

In this user guide you will be able to understand how to remove users then you will learn how to delete a unit. 

Note: Before you delete a unit you will have to remove all the users from the unit.  


How to Remove a User from a Unit 

1. Login to your Condo Control account. 


2. Select Unit File from the side menu. 



3. Find the unit number and the user you want to remove. 



4. Underneath the User tab, scroll to the bottom and select Delete. 



5. You will then be asked to confirm your decision. Click on Confirm and Delete User.


Now you have completed how to remove a user from a unit 

Once you have removed all the users from the unit you will be able to Delete the unit . 


How to Delete the Unit 

1. In the Unit File, select the unit you would like to remove and click on the unit number. 



2. Click on Unit Details tab and select Delete. 



3. click on Confirm and Delete if you wish to proceed to delete the unit. The unit will then be deleted from the system and will not show up on the Unit File. 


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