How To Search For a Violation

In this user guide, we will demonstrate how property managers can keep track of, and search for existing violations via the Violation Tracking feature.


1. Login to your Condo Control Account. 


2. Select Violation Tracking from the main menu. 


3. You can search for violations using one of the following filter options.

1) Search - Type a keyword or unit number in the search bar and click Search. 

2) Violation Type - Select a violation type from the drop down meny. 

3) Stage - If you have selected a violation type, you can filter the list further by the notice Stage for that violation type. 

4) Creator - Select a team member from the drop down menu who created the violation you are searching for. 

5) Status - From the dropdown, you can filter the violation by the status of the violations. You can also do this by selecting the buttons at the top of the page. 


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