Amenity Booking - How to Enable Amenity Booking Feature for Owners and Tenants

In this user guide we will show you how to enable your Amenity booking feature so Residents and Owners can use the Amenities feature. To learn how to edit the other Amenity Settings, please review the following guides: 

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1. Click on the Welcome tab and select Setup from the menu.



2. On the left hand side click on the Amenities feature.



3. Underneath Amenity Settings you will see the headline: Amenity Booking is along with a pencil icon beside it. Click on the pencil icon to edit how owners and tenants will be able to view the amenity booking feature. 



4. There are 3 options that determine how the amenity booking feature is turned on for owners and tenants.

No - only administrators can access amenity booking

Read-only - amenity booking read only for owners

Yes - amenity booking enabled for owners and tenants 

In order to enable the amenity booking feature for owners and tenants to allow them to book and view amenities, select "Yes - amenity booking enabled for owners and tenants" from the dropdown menu. mceclip3.png


5. Click Save to save this setting. 


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