Virtual Meeting FAQ


Q: Will you have to tabulate the hands up or hands down when voting?  Or do we have to count them ourselves?
A:  The voting is actually done outside of zoom. So, the counting is done automatically in Condo Control.


Q: Proxy voting allows me to change my vote prior to the meeting as many times as I want and only the most recent one prior to the meeting will count.  But in e voting if I vote in advance, I only have one chance to vote and can't change my vote?  Is that correct?  If so, people must be careful and understand they only have one vote and can't change their mind after they vote.
A: Our legal counsel has advised us that this should be treated like a ballot box in that I fill out my ballot. It is secure, it's private. I put it in the box. I can't get it back. However, considering market conditions, we're working on making an adjustment so that people can edit their votes, up until the meeting.


Q: Could new business be introduced during the meeting, as vote is finalized before the meeting?
A:  That’s not quite the case because it's basically just like with a proxy. So, in the old days when you can't attend the meeting, you submit your proxy management ahead of time, you're able to vote on the proxy for everything that you knew about that was included in the package. And yes, you can still introduce new business and only the people who showed up at the meeting in person would be there to vote on that.


Q: What does the system need for authentication of the owner? Unit number, real name, email address?
A:  We use email as authentication, we send an email to all the owners, who gets a secure link. They click it and then it takes them into Condo Control where they can vote or join the live meeting once the meeting has started. This email is linked back to the unit number, so that we know who is voting and we validate and confirm that we are only getting one vote per unit.


Q: What if they do not have a computer or iPad to vote?
A:  Then you would submit your proxy back to management, just like you always would have when you get your paper copy of the proxy. You fill it out and give that paper back to management and then management will forward that and ensure it is included in the count for quorum and for voting.


Q: How does the system know if 2 or more people in a unit have a CCC login and they all vote?
A:  That is what is so important about authentication and things that we take care of in Condo Control side, so that you couldn't achieve through zoom alone. We know when more than one individual has logins for CCC under the same unit, so once one of them votes, system will say your ballot has already been submitted.


Q: To meet quorum requirements, how do you do that only those who attend would constitute quorum?
A:   In Ontario, the way it works is that quorum is met by all those people who submitted their proxies ahead of time plus all of the people who attend the meeting live.


Q: When does voting close?
A:  Usually what we do is keep voting open right up until the actual question or election happens during the meeting. So, if I submit my vote well in advance, that's fine, or If I want to change it, that's fine as well. Or even if I just want to show up for the meeting and vote live.


Q: How does the manager submit a paper proxy?
A:  All the manager has to do is upload the proxy to Condo Control through the administrative dashboard.


Q: Is voting in advance allowed? Would that count towards quorum too?
A:  It will depend on where you are, but here in Ontario yes, those advanced votes count for quorum.

Q: Do managers have access to a dashboard to see the proxy vote tally and if required by-law vote tally?
A:  Yes, absolutely. We have a dashboard where you can see the progress, how many you need for quorum, how many you have left for quorum and then the results of the voting so far.


Q: May participants share their headshot or use their camera during the meeting?
 Participants can use their headshot like you see on a zoom profile or their live video if they prefer.


Q: We have a lot of Seniors who do not want to sign up with condo control central.  How can they participate?
A:   You can get them to send in their paper proxies to the management ahead of time. Alternatively, there is a dial in option for zoom so they can listen in, though not vote. You can also use an iPad to join.


Q: Do we need someone to take notes during the AGM?
A:  Yes, the same way you would normally have a minute taker during regular meeting. You do have the recording available so that can make it easier to get the notes.


Q: If a person wants to call-in to the meeting via standard phone but the number is not available until 24-48 hours before the meeting - will it be possible to get this further in advance so it can be included with the Notice to Owners send at least 2 weeks before the meeting?
A:  Absolutely this is possible. We have that number is just like regular zoom dial in number and the meeting ID that can be generated and sent as early as you like to the participants.


Q: Would the live moderator replace the chair?
A:   Not really as our moderator doesn't know anything about your condo business. We would be providing the technical support to do everything that makes sure the digital meeting goes as smoothly as the in person one. This would include admitting people to the room, verifying their identity, cross checking the list, making sure that we reach quorum by providing that information to the chair and then sending out votes during the meeting. We also assist on facilitating the questions so people can submit questions, and we would read them out during the meeting.


Q: So, the owners will see the "Join Meeting" link in their account - is this available from when the Notice to Owners is sent, or only 24-48 hours before the meeting, similar to the phone number?
A:  The link where they would go to join is the same. It’s there on the landing page where it states there will be a zoom meeting, and right before the meeting that “Join Meeting” changes into a button where they can click and see the actual meeting.

Q: Can owners get audio access to ask their questions or make comments?
A:  We see that 90% of people who join did so by zoom. So, they don't really need the audio only access, there may be only a handful of people who need to join from audio only and we help you manage that.

Q: Is the Zoom recording free?
A:  Absolutely. The recording is provided by zoom and we're happy to share that with you after the meeting.


Q: How do owners ask questions during the AGM? Is there a muting process while an owner asks the question? Will chair control audio feature (mute/unmute)?
A:  Absolutely. During the meeting everybody will be muted by default, afterwards you can use the raise your hand feature, then the moderator will unmute you and you can go ahead and ask your question.


Q: Can people vote by phone during the meeting?
A:  Unfortunately, not, you have to be on the computer, use an iPad or submit your proxy ahead of time.


Q: How long will the recording of the AGM be kept?
A:  We will send you the file after the meeting, then it's up to you how you store it.


Q: Do you recommend two roles (chair, moderator) or three (chair, moderator, technical), or even more during AGMs?
A:  We recommend to have the chair whose role is what it has always been, follow the meeting script, lead everybody through the meeting, recognize motions from the floor, etc. The other role we recommend is a moderator, who should be more technical and be able to manage zoom and facilitate the voting process. For example, when you say we have a motion from the floor to approve the auditor for another year, you take that motion, and he would put it into our software and send it out live to everybody.


Q: Do users also require the Zoom app on their computer and not the free one?
A:  You do not require the zoom app, you don't even have to install it, nor do you have to pay for zoom. You simply click the Condo Control Central link and then join the meeting.


Q: If my next AGM is not until mid-2021, what do we need to do to create a by-law that allows electronic proxy voting given we are still dealing with COVID 19?
A:  If you still want to use E-Voting by that time, you can talk to your lawyer or legal counsel and they’ll be able to provide you a draft of the bylaw that they think you should pass and then you can get that out for your owners to vote on.


Q: What is the Proxy Feature process in CCC?
A:  We send introductory email stating the date and time of your meeting, confirming it’ll take place on Zoom and providing a secure link. This link will take you to the landing page where you will find the Vote Now button. After that, there is a screen that will display your information and you need to confirm this is correct. Subsequently, you’ll go on to the actual question, pick your answers and then submit. The system will allow one vote per unit.


Q: What is the Join Meeting process via Zoom Meeting Integration with CCC?
A:  On the landing page, when you click the join the meeting button, then your taken into the zoom meeting and it's very similar to what you’re accustomed to. Herein the votes pop up at the bottom, and once you have the audio connected then we give instructions and reminders throughout the process to tell people how things work.


Q: What is the meeting like for the moderator?
A:  As a moderator, or if you're running your own meeting, it's a very straightforward process where you can send questions, motions, to your attendees and see the results live.


Q: What is the registration process?
A:  There's no specific registration process. You can either cast your vote ahead of time or you Join the meeting. Either way, we already know who you are because we already know that information ahead of time.


Q: Will we utilize the Zoom waiting room feature?
A:  Absolutely, we use the waiting room feature so everybody enters the waiting room until admitted about 20 minutes prior to the meeting.


Q: How will the minute taker know the unit number and the owner's name?
A:  When people are joined to the meeting, the system will automatically set their name to have their unit number and their name so if they're in the chat and ask a question that information will be displayed.


Q: What advantages does the CCC product have over competitors?
A:  Firstly, you don't need a separate database or provider that you have to deal with, therefore, the setup is easier and more streamlined. The second thing is our reminder feature. Which makes use of email, text messaging and voice messaging, as far as we understand, our competitors only use email. Text and voice messaging are really key to getting full participation and ensuring that you reach quorum. As soon as you RSVP and say you're going to attend or if you complete your proxy, then the messages stop. Lastly, because you're already inside of condo control, you're going to see a question pop up right in front of your eyes and then you can vote right away, rather than to create another email and link.


Q: Do people see who is attending as in regular zoom meetings?
A:  Yes. You have a number of options to choose how much information is shared, but at a minimum, they'll see a list of first names and unit numbers.


Q: How do we sign up for your Proxy voting and Virtual Meeting Feature?
A: Visit our Virtual Meeting page by clicking here and fill out the information on the bottom of the page.


Q: What is the Pricing?
A:  $2.99 per unit with a minimum of $499 per meeting. This includes the proxies leading up to the meeting and the use of the Live Meeting software, including zoom during the meeting itself. There is an optional add-on for a live moderator who will work with your chairperson for $999 for up to 2 hours, we would do a live practice session ahead of time we set up the meeting.

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