How to Add a New Asset

In this user guide we will show you how to add a new Asset in Condo Control and review its details. You may not have access to some of these fields depending on site permissions. 


1. Login to Condo Control. 


2. On your left hand side please click on the My Account feature. 



3. Under My Account, you will see tabs going across to the right. Click on the right arrow to scroll the the Asset tab. 




4. To add a new asset, click on New. 



5. Fill in the details of the Asset.  


a) Description:  Please provide the description of the Asset

b) Asset Type:  Choose the type of Asset your new Asset is

c) Barcode: If applicable, input the barcode of the asset.

d) Unit: What unit is this Asset associated to 

e) User: What is the user associated to this Asset


6. Upload an image associated with your Asset.  



7. Fill in any additional custom fields associated with the asset. Once complete, click Save. 



8. Once complete, you will find all your personal and unit assets under the Assets tab. To view more information about a specific asset, click on the View icon next to the asset you'd like to review.


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