October 14, 2021 Release Notes


The following changes will be rolled out to Condo Control during our next release. Please review the release notes below carefully as some changes impact the way the system works. 


new__1_.png  NEW:

  • Zego Payment Integration

We introduced a new payment integration For US clients called Zego. The integration allows management to collect payments from Make a Payment and Store features, and we plan to expand it to the Amenity Booking functionality in one of our next releases. Zego takes credit cards and bank transfer payments.
2-way sync of payment details will be available on VMS integrated workspaces.

  • Ability to Upload Files on the Visitor Feature when Security is Creating a Visitor

We introduced a scan functionality that allows security to connect hardware (products like Ambir Technology DS687) so they can scan an image (e.g. driving license or photo ID) when creating a visitor profile on the Security & Concierge console.
- Users will see an option "Scan ID" allowing them to scan the front and back parts of a document.
- Once the scan is successful, we will display the scanned images and allow security to edit them before saving.
- Saved images will be available on the Visitor Details page.


process-improvement.png  IMPROVEMENTS:

  • Improvements to Amenity Booking Functionality

We improved the new amenity booking interface by introducing the following changes:
- Unavailable dates are now greyed-out when users book an amenity.
- Added 14-day and 30-day maximum lead time options for cancellations for amenity bookings on the amenity booking setup page.
- Ability to see user phone number when admins are booking on behalf of residents.
- For amenities with the payment options, the “Pricing & Deposit Structure” section will reflect payment details for the selected option.
- Admin users will be able to see workspace names on linked workspaces calendars.
- Improved handling of the combined "cleaning hours" + "number of bookings per user/unit per day/week" settings.

  • Improved Naming for QuickBooks Fields

We introduced a new portfolio setting allowing admins to define the display format of usernames from QuickBooks Online integration.


bug.png  BUG FIXES:

  • Fix to Short-Term Rentals

We improved the security of the registration link for the short-term rental feature.

  • Fixes to Condo Manager Integration

We improved the handling of the "Address Line 1" field. It was being incorrectly passed to Condo Manager. 

  • Fix to Assets Imported without Unit

We addressed an issue with assets not showing under the Unit File>Assets tab if a user was not attached to a unit.

  • Fix to Checkbox Custom Field on Service Request Page

When the checkbox field is mandatory, users will not be able to submit a service request without checking the box.

  • Fix to Asset Letter Template Formatting

We improved the formatting of asset letter templates available for printing under the Unit File>Asset tab.

  • Fix to Task Replies from Email

We addressed an issue that caused inbound email replies to tasks to improperly maintain original email content.

  • Fixes to Violation Tracking Map

We improved the handling of unit addresses that define the appearance of a property on the violation tracking map within the mobile app.

  • Fixes to Currency Display on Purchase Order Pop-Ups

We addressed an issue with PHP currency not properly displaying on the purchase order pop-ups.

  • Minor Fixes to Survey Interface

We have enhanced our Survey feature interface by improving the formatting of survey emails as well as adding more clarity to survey recipient options.

  • Fix to 2-factor Authentication Process

We addressed an issue with the 2-factor authentication process affecting trusted devices.

  • Functionality Fixes to French Language

We addressed issues with the File Library and Security & Concierge features not properly working in the French language setting.

  • Fix to Announcement Emails when Viewed from Outlook Browser

We addressed an issue with the Condo Control domain not properly displaying on announcement emails when viewed from an Outlook browser.

  • Fix to Welcome Emails for Users Synced from VMS

We addressed an issue with welcome emails not generating for new users synced from VMS.

  • Fix to Storage Location not Properly Updating for Packages

We made a fix to an issue that prevented storage spots from being updated on the Security & Concierge List page after being edited by security.

  • Fix to Emails Generated to Resident Users who Can’t Use the System

We addressed an issue with email notifications going out to residents about amenity bookings made on their behalf, and event reminders, when the system is disabled for residents.

  • Fix to Filtering on Violation List Page

We addressed an issue with the filter not properly working with certain combinations of searched parameters on the violation list page.

  • Fix to Search by Service Request Tags

We addressed an issue with search by service request tags not working on the service request list page and knowledge base.

  • Fix to Field Labelling on Create New Rotessa Account Page

We improved the wording on the page where users connect a new Rotessa account to make it clearer to end users.

  • Fix to Visitor Parking Announcement Template Viewed in Dark Mode

We addressed an issue with the visitor parking announcement template display on devices with dark mode enabled.


If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support by creating a case at

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