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Do I need to do anything to give a deposit back to a resident? The resident does not see the returned deposit on their credit card statement.

No action is needed on your part. Deposits are automatically returned approximately 7 days after the booking. You have that time to draw upon the deposit if needed.

Sometimes the deposit is returned as a reversal (the original amount is wiped out from the credit card statement) rather than a refund (the original amount is withdrawn, and the returned amount is added on the credit card statement). Ask the resident to double check which process their credit card company uses.

You can check the history record of an amenity booking to see the date a deposit was returned.



Is there a difference between paying with Visa and Visa Debit?
No, the service fees are the same for both methods. The only difference is how the charges appear on the statements. Deposit will show as “pending payment” on a statement and, if returned, will be a reversal on the statement.

NOTE: there are additional service fees when using international credit cards, this amount is disclosed before a user submits payment.

If a resident books an amenity months in advance, is the deposit held that entire time? and when are the fees paid?

No the deposit will not be held that entire time. The system will check the credit card for the deposit 24 hours before the booking occurs and hold the deposit amount on the day of the booking. For example, a booking is created on July 1st for the use of the service elevator on August 1st. The system will check the credit card for the deposit on July 31st and hold it then. 

We recommend enabling "Pay Later" if you allow bookings over a month in advance.

If an amenity is booked in advance, when are the service fees paid?

The service fees will be charged on the day the booking is made. For example, a booking is created on July 1st for the use of the service elevator on August 1st. The CC and Stripe fees will be charged on July 1st. These fees are not refundable.

An amenity booking was automatically cancelled and has the message "Booking Payment is Expired". What does that mean and why did this happen?

If an amenity booking requires administrator approval, the administrator has 7 calendar days to approve it. If the booking is not approved in 7 calendar days, it will be automatically cancelled and have the message "Booking Payment is Expired". Once this has happened, the booking cannot be restored. It will have to be recreated.

If a resident updates the credit card details for an amenity booking, will they be charged the service fee a second time?

No, residents will not be charged the service fee a second time if they update their credit card details for an existing booking.

How can I tell when an amenity has been booked using a credit card as opposed to a cheque?

From the amenity booking calendar, select the booking and scroll to the payment status section.


If a user books an amenity for multiple dates and times, can they reuse the credit card deposit from the first date?
No, each amenity booking requires a separate deposit to secure the reservation.

What happens if there is not enough money or the credit card expired for the deposit?
If there are insufficient funds or the credit card expired, the booking will be automatically rejected or cancelled.

Who can make changes to the Stripe account?
The Stripe account owner or admin listed on the Stripe account can make changes.

Refer to the guides below for instructions on making account revisions:
How to update the account owner for a Stripe Account
How to update a bank account in Stripe
How to add a team member to my Stripe Account

Can I change the payout schedule?
Yes, you can change the payout schedule. Stripe offers daily, weekly or monthly payouts. Changes to the payout schedule usually takes 7 business days to update. 

For more information on payouts, refer to the Stripe guides below:

Stripe Payout FAQ
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How can I consolidate my records for accounting purposes?
You can download a report of your Stripe transactions from the Stripe Dashboard.

Please refer to the user guide below for detailed instructions:
Stripe Reconciliation Guide


The previous Stripe account owner has left. How can I access the Stripe account?

You will need to connect with the previous account owner to access the Stripe account.

  • Option 1 - the previous account owner shares their login credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the Profile Section of the dashboard and enter a new email and password.
  • Option 2 - you get access to the previous owner's email and reset the account password using the steps below.
  1. Go to and click “I forgot my password”.
  2. An email with a password reset link will then be sent to the previous account owner's email. Click on the reset link and follow the prompts.
  3. A two factor authentication code will then be sent to the previous account owner’s phone. Contact the previous account owner for this code.
  4. After resetting the password, navigate to the Profile Section of the dashboard and enter a new email address.

If the previous account owner is unreachable, please contact Stripe Support for assistance.


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