How to Delete an Amenity

Follow the steps below on how to delete an amenity from the system as a site administrator. 

To learn how to create an amenity, refer to the How to Create an Amenity guide. 

To learn how to edit an amenity, refer to the How to Edit an Amenity's Details guide. 

To learn how to approve/filter amenity bookings, refer to the How to Approve/Filter Amenity Bookings guide.  

How to Delete an Amenity

1. Login to your Condo Control account.



2. Open the Welcome Menu in the top right corner and select Setup.



3. From the Main Menu, select Amenities.



4. Locate the amenity you want to delete on the amenity list and click Delete.



5. Select Confirm Delete.



6. The amenity has now been removed from the system.


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