October 28, 2021 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control during our October 28, 2021 release. Please review the release notes below carefully as some changes impact the way the system works.


process-improvement.png  IMPROVEMENTS:

  • New Column 'Group' Column on User Notes Report

We added a Group field to the User Notes Report. It’s also possible to filter by this new column.

  • Ability to Print Badges for Users in Multiple Groups

Users who belong to multiple groups can now have multiple badges, created from different printable templates, made for them.

  • Improvement to Handling of Username Change from Blank to Email

We made a couple of improvements to the process of changing a blank username   to an actual email under Unit File. Before the change, the system was triggering emails about password change and password reset. Now, when an i email is added to a username field, the action will only trigger a welcome email.


bug.png  BUG FIXES:

  • Fix to QuickBooks Online Integration

We addressed an issue with the web connector malfunctioning for multiple company files.

  • Fixes to PostCode not Saving for Store Items

We addressed an issue with PostCodes not saving for store item purchases synced as transactions to VMS.

  • Fixes to Editing Unit Residents under My Account

We addressed an issue with admin users being able to view extra fields when editing Unit Residents under My Account. 

  • Fixes to Emails not Generated for Voters in a Second Round of Violation Voting

We addressed an issue where emails were not being sent to voters if a second round of votes for violations was required.

  • Fixes to Storage Spot for Packages not Updating on Security & Concierge Console

We addressed an issue that prevented package storage spots from updating for logged packages on the Security & Concierge Console. 

  • Fixes to Event Reminders Generated without Workspace Branding

We addressed an issue with event reminders shown as generated on Condo Control and not on particular workspaces with specific branding. 

  • Fix to Recurring Event Notifications

We addressed an issue with event notifications for custom events not being triggered on time.

  • Fix to Future Activation Process

We addressed an issue with future activation and deactivation of users. Now the process is working properly and users are activated / deactivated on the selected future date. 

  • Fix to Event Calendar not Matching Dashboard Event Calendar

The Dashboard Calendar on the Home page is now showing the same events as the events page calendar.

  • Fix to Event Search

We addressed an issue with search results not prepopulating on the event search page for some events.


If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support by creating a case at

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