December 14, 2021 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control during our December 14, 2021 release. Please review the release notes below carefully as some changes impact the way the system works.


process-improvement.png  IMPROVEMENTS:

  • Feature Allowing New Users to Follow All Tasks

We introduced new option allowing users to start following all tasks in one click. 

  • Ability to Search by Company Name and Address Line 1

Now users can search the unit file by company name and address line 1 fields.

  • Improvements to the Vendor Portal Feature

For the last release, we rolled out a new vendor portal feature. For this release, we are adding functionalities to the existing feature:
- admins can now edit vendor’s compliance documents
- admins will receive an email about expiring compliance documents for the upcoming month on the 1st day of the month
- vendors will receive an email about existing compliance documents 30 days before the expiration date of a compliance document
- vendors can invite team members to register and access the vendor portal

  • Feature Allowing Proxies to be Assigned to Another User

We made a couple of improvements to the proxy voting process:
- an assigned proxy will receive an email about the proxy assignment
- assigned proxies can now vote on behalf of a user during live voting where their additional vote will be counted
- users with multiple units will see a message about how many votes they can cast

  • New Large Task Widget for Admin Users

We introduced a new homepage widget that shows the 5 most recent tasks that have the “In progress” status.

  • Deactivated Users Highlighted on Service Requests and Violations

If users that submitted service requests or were recipients of a violation warning are deactivated on the Unit File, they will be highlighted in bold red on such notices within Condo Control.

  • New Email Templates Translated to Spanish and French

We translated a couple of new templates to Spanish and French as part of our ongoing process of making email templates available in multiple languages. The templates include:
- user deactivated
- event created
- event updated
- event reminder

  • Ability to Include Portfolio Holidays for Status Certificate Delivery Date Calculation

We improved the logic for the 'Business days' option for status certificate delivery. Portfolio holidays are now factored into the calculation time.
For example, if a selected status certificate delivery option is set to business days only, and the portfolio has holidays, these holidays will be excluded from calculation of delivery date for the status certificate.


bug.png  BUG FIXES:

  • Fix to a Bug that Allowed Users to Bypass a Guest Limit for an Amenity Booking

We addressed a bug that allowed users to bypass a guest limit for an amenity booking by spelling out the guest count in letters.

  • Fix to Profile Picture Upload during Registration

We addressed bugs related to profile picture uploads during registration. Users will not be able to skip the field if it is mandatory, and their profile pictures will not be distorted on the edit profile picture page.

  • Fix to Reactivated Assets

We addressed an issue with asset status not changing properly after asset reactivation. Also, reactivated assets can now be properly searched on the asset list page.

  • Fix to Photo ID Documents Uploaded for New Unit Residents

We addressed a bug that caused photo ID documents to be saved under the General category instead of the Photo ID category when the document was uploaded for a unit resident.

  • Fix to Printable Asset Report from Unit File

We addressed an issue with deactivated custom fields showing up on asset reports printed from the Unit File.

  • Fix to Recent Changes Page on Unit File

We addressed an issue with the recent changes page not loading on the Unit File if one of the users created an authorization from the mobile app.

  • Fix to Security Shift for the Same Day

We addressed an issue affecting security shifts created with an end date that is the same as the “start date”. Now the details will show a proper date.

  • Fix to Asset Import

We improved the asset import process by adding a validation that prevents users from importing assets if the username is misspelled in the import file.

  • Fix to Group Changes on Workspaces with Yardi Integration

We addressed an issue with the Yardi integration rewriting custom groups for the Renters group after a sync.

  • Fix to Event Reminders not Sending for Edited Events

We addressed an issue with reminders not sending if an event start / end date is changed.


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