Setup Page - Workspace & Dashboard Settings Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Recall how to access and edit workspace settings.

2. Summarize how to view and update workspace billing details.

3. Describe how to customize user dashboards.



Video Script

Welcome to the Setup Page: Workspace & Dashboard Settings overview. In this video we will review the structure of the setup page and demonstrate how to revise workspace and dashboard settings. 

To get started, select Setup from the welcome menu. This will open the setup page where you can configure and customize your workspace settings and features. This page can only be accessed by users with administrative permissions. Each feature on the setup page, has its own unique settings which will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos. 

The Workspace Settings section contains the core details for your building. This includes your Workspace Settings, Modules, Contact Information, and Welcome Site Settings. These setting were configured during the activation process but can be updated as needed by selecting the edit icon beside the applicable field.

Under the Workspace Settings section, you can update your workspace name, legal name, time zone, and owner login setting, which controls if owners can login to the workspace. You can also update the reply-to address to an email you can monitor, and revise the default province or state, tax settings, and workspace holidays. 

The Modules section displays the condo control features included in your package. Click the feature headings to review the details. 

Under the Contact Details sections, you can revise your building address, property management phone number, security phone number, and hours of operation.

The final section under the Workspace Settings tab is Welcome Site Settings. Here you can adjust some of the settings available to residents during registration, including the ability to change their first and last name, invite other users to register for the workspace, and add their phone number to a public resident phone book.

For a snapshot of your core workspace information select Community Data Sheet. Here you will see a summary of your community details, contact information, emergency phone numbers and more. This feature is only available for portfolio workspace. 

The next tab on the Workspace Settings page is Electronic Consent. Here you can enable or disable the electronic consent feature. When enabled, residents will be sent a request to complete an electronic consent form. You can then review who has completed the form, adjust the form settings, send email reminders about the form, and deactivate the form. 

The next tab on the Workspace Settings page is Billing. Under the Billing section you can view the usage stats for you building, review or renew your contract, upgrade your package, and manage your billing and payment details. You can also find the contact information for your Customer Success Manager.

Select Manage Billing Details to enter or revise your subscription payment and billing details or review your subscription invoices. 

The final tab on the Workspace Settings page is Support. The Support setting gives the Condo Control team access to your workspace. This enables us to troubleshoot any issue and answer questions from management and residents. If desired, you can adjust this setting to only grant access for certain time periods.

The next section we will review is Dashboard Settings. Under the Dashboard Settings section, you can adjust your workspace colours, logo, layout, and menu. The first tab is General Settings. Here you can change your workspace colours, title bar name, logo, banner, and measurement system for temperature display.

The next tab on the Dashboard settings page is Admin. In this section you can customize the layout of the homepage for building administrators. Click and drag the widgets from the Do Not Show column to the Show column as needed. Once completed, click Save to finalize your changes. There are limits on how many widgets can be displayed in each section.

Follow to same process for the Security & Concierge homepage and the Residents homepage. You will notice different widget options for each target audience. 

The Mobile App tab allows you to customize the layout of the homepage for the mobile app. You can change the background image for the homepage and like before, click and drag the widgets to customize the homepage layout for each audience. 

The last tab on the Dashboard Settings page is Custom Links. Here you can add custom links to the main menu of your workspace by selecting Add New. For example, you might want to link a specific page or feature that is commonly used in your building. Enter a display name and link and click Save.

This concludes the Setup Page: Workspace & Dashboard Settings overview. For more information on workspace and dashboard settings, please refer to our user guides.

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