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Learning Objectives:

1. Recall how to edit an existing user group.

2. Summarize how to create a new user group.

3. Explain how to enroll user in a user group.



Video Script

Welcome to the Setup Page: User Groups overview. In this video we will demonstrate how to create and edit user groups and assign users to a user group.

To get started, select Setup from the welcome menu. Then, select Groups from the main menu. This will open the groups list where you can add, edit, or remove user groups for your building. 

User group permissions dictate which features users have access to, what actions they can perform, and what communications they receive. Users can be enrolled in multiple user groups and permissions will be based on the highest-level access of their enrolled user groups.

By default, several user groups are automatically created. Some of the default user group settings, like display name, can be updated, while others, like group name and type, cannot. Also, the default user groups cannot be removed from the system. 

To revise an existing user group, select Edit. Then, update the details as needed. For example, you may want to change the display name, which is the name end users see, from Board Members to Board of Directors. To revise the group permissions, click on a module and select or de-select the applicable permissions. Continue this process for each module as needed. Once completed, click Save. You will now see the new display name for the user group and the group permissions will be updated.

To create a new user group, select New. Then, enter a name for the user group. Next, enter a description of the user group. After entering a description, select a colour code for the user group, this will help distinguish the user groups in the Unit File.

Then, determine if the user group is for staff or residents and whether residents can independently opt-in to the user group. Meaning, they can join the user group, and have all the permissions associated with the user group, without administrator approval. 

Then, if applicable, assign online learning to the user group. Next, determine the feature permissions for the user group. Expand each heading to see the available options. Each user group must be assigned at least one permission. Once completed, click Save. 

You will now see the new user group on the groups list. Like before, select Edit to revise the user group and select Delete to remove the user group from the system.

To assign users to the user group, select Edit. Then, select Add New User in the top right corner. Next, enter the user’s name or unit number and click Search. Select the appropriate users from the list of search results and click Add. 

Continue this process until all the users have been added to the user group. Once completed, click Close. After adding your users, select View Members to verify the list. If a user has been added by mistake, select Remove. Once the list has bee verified, click Save to finalize the user group enrollment. 

You can also assign or remove users from a user group through their user details page on the Unit File. 

This concludes the Setup Page: User Groups overview. For more information on the user group feature, please refer to our user guides.

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