Adding New Vendors to your Purchase Order Module

There are two ways to access the New Vendor page in Condo Control.


1) A. The first is to hover your cursor over the "Purchase Order" button from the left-hand navigation menu. You will then see a pop out window with several options including "Vendors".  Clicking on this button will open the Vendors page showing the details of your current vendors as well as provide the option to add a new vendor.



1) B. The second method is to open the Purchase Order module.  Once this module is open several new sub-menu items will appear below it in the main navigation menu.  Clicking on the option labeled "Vendors" will bring you to your vendor page.



2) Once on the Vendors page you will click the option "New Vendor".



3) Once on the new vendor page you can add in the details of the vendor you wish to add.




Once you have added the vendor you can create new purchase orders and this vendor will appear in your vendor selection list.



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