Print Jobs - Creating Print Orders Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Explain how to create a print job.

2. Recall how to view and add updates to print orders.



Video Script

Welcome to the Print Jobs: Creating Print Orders overview. In this video, we will demonstrate how to create a print job and review print orders.

To get started, select Print Jobs from the main menu. This will open the print jobs page where you can create and view the print jobs for your building. Ensure the applicable user group permissions are enabled to access the Print Jobs feature.

On the print jobs page, you will see a list of your previous print jobs which you can sort by name, date, status, and price. You can also conduct an all-text keyword search of the print jobs list using the search bar.

You can create print jobs for documents attached to an announcement or proxy. Printing directly from the Announcement or Proxy Voting feature will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos.   

To create a new print job, select New Print Job. Then, select either Announcement or Proxy. With either option, you can then search for a specific file by entering the file name and clicking Save. 

If you want to print all the files connected to an announcement or proxy, pick the announcement or proxy from the drop-down menu. Next, download a preview of the files by selecting View. Once completed, click Continue. 

You can now select your print options. Begin by choosing either Black & White or Colour for each document. Then, review the number of packages being printed. Packages will only be created for users without electronic consent. To see a list of the users receiving the print package, select Download List of Users.  

Next, determine if you want the packages mailed directly to the recipients or mailed back to you at the address below. If you choose to have the packaged mailed to you, enter your address in the Return Address box. Then, enter any additional instructions for the printers. Once completed, click Continue.

You will now see a summary of your order as well as the total price of the print job. Like before, select View to download a preview of the files or residents list. To finalize your order, click Submit.

Your order has now been placed. An email will then be sent to the printer with the order details. The printer can then send updates and change the status of the order. Administrators will receive email notifications when updates are made. To review order updates, return to the Order Print Job page. 

Then, select Edit beside your print job. Under the Updates tab you will see any updates from the printer and can add your own updates or upload a file. Once completed, select Save. A History record will then be created, and your updates will be emailed to the printer. 

This concludes the Print Jobs: Creating Print Orders overview. For more information on the Print Jobs feature, please refer to our user guides.

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