Security & Concierge Setup Page Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Recall what general security and concierge settings can be customized.

2. Summarize the package security and concierge settings.

3. Describe how to add or remove a security log, incident report, or package type.



Video Script

Welcome to the Security & Concierge: Setup Page Overview. In this video we will review the security and concierge settings and demonstrate how to add security log and incident report types, and package storage spots.

To get started, select Setup from the welcome menu. Then, select Security & Concierge from the main menu. This will open the security and concierge settings page where you can configure the security settings for your building.

The security and concierge settings page is divided into five sections: General, Package, Visitor Parking, Hardware, and Patrol. Visitor Parking and Patrol will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos.

In the General section, you can revise several settings by selecting the Edit icon in the Action column. First you can enable or disable the staff on duty feature. If enabled, users will see the name and picture of the security team member on duty under the Help/Contact Us window. Next, you can determine if you want Security & Concierge to appear on the main menu for users with the appropriate group permissions.

Then, you can add or remove security log types. These are the different categories you can pick from when creating a security log. To add a new type, click Edit and enter a straight line followed by the text. Once completed, click Save to finalize your changes. You can also add or remove incident report types using the same process. These types are the classifications security picks from when creating an incident report.

You can also determine if security can choose incident report recipients. Only groups with the applicable permissions can be selected as recipients. If you select no, incident reports will automatically be sent to property management. Additionally, you can enable or disable ID verification to release keys. If enabled security will have to enter ID details to checkout a key.

The next section on the security and concierge settings page is Package. The first package setting is ID verification to release packages. You can either make the field not available, available but not mandatory, or mandatory. Click Save to finalize your selection.

Next, you can enable or disable printing package slips. If enabled a PDF package slip will automatically download to your machine after logging a package.

Then, you can determine if package storage spots are mandatory. If you select Yes, a new field for storage spot types will appear. Click the Edit icon and enter the storage spot names, separating each spot with a line. Once completed, click Save.

Next, you can add or remove package courier types and package detail types. Like before, select the Edit icon, enter a line followed by type, and click Save. Courier type and detail type are both required fields when logging a package.

The last section we will cover in this module is Hardware. Here you will see if a signature tablet or parking permit printer have been linked to your workspace. There are no settings to customize in this section.

This concludes the Security & Concierge: Setup Page Overview. For more information on security and concierge settings, please refer to our user guide.

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