Proxy Voting - Creating a Proxy Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Recall how to configure proxy settings.

2. Summarize how to create a new proxy.

3. Explain how to add proxy questions and answer options.



Video Script

Welcome to the Proxy Voting: Creating a Proxy overview. In this video we will review the proxy voting settings and demonstrate how to create a proxy.

To get started, select Setup from the welcome menu. Then, select Proxy Voting from the main menu. This will open the proxy setup page where you can configure the proxy voting settings for your building.

The first setting you can customize is the name of the module on the main menu. To rename the proxy voting module, select the Edit icon. Enter the new name and click Save. Next, you will see draft terms and conditions for the proxy feature. The Terms and Conditions are based on the proxy form you selected. 

To revise the proxy form, click the edit icon, select a form from the drop-down menu, and click save. The Terms and Conditions have now been changed to match the proxy form. If required, amend the Terms and Conditions by selecting the Edit icon.

Then, determine if you require signatures on the proxy form. Next, decide if you want to enable sending voice and text reminders to the proxy recipient list. And if you want to allow bios for election candidates on the proxy form.

Before returning to the homepage, ensure the applicable user group permissions are enabled to access the proxy voting feature. Once completed, click Exit Setup. Then, select Proxy Voting from the main menu. Here you will see a list past and upcoming proxies and can create a new proxy.

You can conduct an all-text search of the proxy list using the search bar at the top of the page. You can also filter the proxy list by proxy status. To create a new proxy, select New. Then, enter the details of the proxy meeting. 

Begin by entering a title for the event. Next, input a description of the event. After inputting a description, enter the event location. If you purchased our virtual meeting package, check the box beside Using Virtual Meeting. Then, enter your event date and time. Followed by how many units are required to achieve quorum. Once completed, click Next.

Then, upload any relevant files for the event. To review a file, select View. To remove a file, select Delete. And to download a copy of the file, select Download. After uploading the relevant files, determine if you want to use our printing and mailing services for the documents. Once completed, click Next.

You can now add your proxy questions and answer options. The proxy form you selected on the setup page dictates the mandatory questions that appear on this page. To add additional questions to the proxy form, select Add Question. Then, select the question type from the drop-down menu. These options are also dictated by the proxy form. 

If you select Voting to Elect Vacant Position, the question will be prepopulated. Input how many options each user can select. Then, enter your answer options, which in this case are election candidates. 

If applicable, upload a photo of the candidate and enter a short description and bio. Click Preview to see how the candidate profile will be displayed. To add additional answer options, click the plus sign. To remove an answer option, click Delete. Continue this process until all the candidates have been added. 

If you select Special Matter Voting, enter your custom question followed by the answer options. If you select Removal of Board Member or Owner Occupied Voting, review, and if needed, revise the prepopulated question and enter your answer options. Once completed, click Next. 

Then, enter a due date for the proxy forms and set the date for the email notification about the proxy event. Next, review and customize the email description. The text in brackets will be automatically populated and should not be revised.

If you opted to send voice and text messages, enter the text message and voice message in the boxes provided. After entering your messages, select which user groups should receive the proxy. To see a list of the select users, select View Recipient List. Then, if applicable, select the units who are in arrears and should be excluded from the proxy. 

If your building has a lobby display, enter the message you would like displayed and select the device you want it displayed on. Once completed, click Next.

You can now setup reminder emails, voice mails, and text messages. Reminders will only be sent to users that have not completed the proxy form. First, enter how many reminders you would like to send out. The minimum requirement is two. Then, select the date for each reminder. Next, review, and if needed, revise the email description for the reminder. If you opted to send voice and text messages, enter the text reminder and voice reminder in the boxes provided. Once completed, click Next.

You will then see a summary of the meeting details, proxy form, and reminders. To revise the information, select Back. To save the proxy as draft, return to the proxy page. And to finalize the proxy, click Activate Program. Your proxy has now been scheduled. If you opted to use our printing and mailing services, you will be redirected to the print jobs page. 

You can revise the proxy details up until it is sent to the recipients. At while point the status will change from Scheduled to Active and certain fields will be locked. Updating proxies will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos.

This concludes the Proxy Voting: Creating a Proxy overview. For more information on the Proxy Voting feature, please refer to our user guides.

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