Library: Viewing Files & Folders - Resident Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Recall how to search and filter the file library.

2. Summarize how to view and download files.



Video Script

Welcome to the Library: Viewing Files & Folders overview. In this video we will demonstrate how to search the library and view and download files from the library.

To get started, select Library from the main menu. This will open the File Library where you can access your building’s documents. Your user group permissions will dictate if you have access to this page. 

When a new file is added to the library, you will receive an email notification with a link to access the file. To view the file, either click the link in the email or locate the file in the library.

The file library is organized by folders. These folders are created by building administrators and will be listed in either alphabetical or numerical order in the folders list. Click the plus sign beside a folder name to see its corresponding subfolders. 

Refer to the File Library section for a description of the top-level folders and documents. To view the files within a folder, click the folder name. You will then see a list of files and if applicable, subfolders listed in alphabetical or numerical order.

To quickly locate a recently uploaded file, refer to the Recent Uploads section. This section displays all the files uploaded in the last 30 days starting with the most recent file. To see the full list of recent uploads, select View More. 

You can also conduct an all-text keyword search of the File Library using the search bar at the top of the page. Filter your search by, selecting a specific file format or specific timeframe from the drop-down menus. If you want to search a specific date range, select Custom Date from the drop-down menu, enter the start date and end date, and click Search. You will now see a list of files matching your search criteria.

To see a preview of a file, click on the file name. You will then see a summary of the file details followed by the file preview. To download a copy of the file, select Options and click Download File. You can also download the file by selecting the Download icon in the file preview or print the file by selecting the Print icon in the file preview. 

This concludes the Library: Viewing Files & Folders overview. For more information on the Library feature, please refer to our user guides.

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