Parking Permit Printer Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Recall the information available on the parking pass.

2. Summarize how to print parking passes using the Dymo printer.

3. Explain how to print parking passes using the Epson printer.



Video Script

Welcome to the Security & Concierge: Parking Permit Printer overview. In this video we will review how to print parking permits using the Dymo or Epson printer. Your account manager must enable parking permit printing for you to utilize this feature. 

To get started, select Security and Concierge from the main menu. Then, select Visitor Parking from the Security & Concierge console. Here you can enter the visitor and vehicle details. Logging visitor parking will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos.

After inputting the relevant details, click Save to log the visitor. A PDF of the parking permit will then be automatically downloaded to your device. 

To print a parking pass for an existing visitor, open the visitor log from the Security and Concierge console and click Print Parking Permit to download the PDF. Before proceeding with the next steps, ensure you’ve opened the PDF through Adobe Reader. 

The parking permit will list when the pass is valid from, when the pass will expire, the vehicle description, vehicle license plate number, and the parking permit’s reference number. If applicable, you will also see the parking spot number. 

To print the pass, select the Print icon. You will then see the parking pass printer connected to your device. If you are using a Dymo printer, ensure the following settings are adjusted. 

First, select Properties. Under Orientation, choose landscape, and under Page Order, select Front to Back. Next, click on the Paper Quality tab and select Normal. Then, click Advanced. In the new window, choose Continuous-Wide for the Paper Size and click OK. Returning to the original window, select Actual Size followed by Print. The Dymo printer will then print the parking permit.

If you are using an Epson printer, configure the following settings. First, select Properties and choose landscape for your orientation. Then, click Advanced and under Paper Size select Roll Paper 80 x 297 mm and click OK. Like before, return to the original window and select Actual Size followed by Print. The Epson printer will then print the parking permit. 

This concludes the Security & Concierge: Parking Permit Printer overview. For more information on the Visitor Parking feature, please refer to our user guides.

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