How to Run a Report

The "Reports" section allows administrators to run and print different reports based on your needs.

1. Click on "Reports" tab from the left-side menu.


2. Select the report you would like to run from the list and click on the bars to the left of a selected report (For our example we will run the "Amenity Usage" report)


3. The report is then displayed. If applicable, you can select the necessary page by clicking the forward or backward button icons, select how many pages you want to see, zoom out or zoom the page.


A print job can be done through "Print" or "Print page" buttons which can be found along the top of the report.


You can also choose to save any report as PDF, XLS, DOCX or any other format from the list. 



Click here to read our guide about using filters in a report. 


Get Additional Help

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