How to Search for Packages and View Package Details

In this user guide, we will discuss how to filter the security and concierge console by packages and view package details.


1. Log into Condo Control Central and click Security and Concierge.



2. From the drop down menu, you can filter the Security and Concierge Console by packages. The options include All Packages, Outstanding Packages, and Delivered Packages. 

If you filter by All Packages, you will see all the logs created for Packages. 

if you filter by Delivered Packages, you will see a list of all packages that have been delivered. 

If you filter by Outstanding Packages, you will see a list of all packages not released to a resident or courier. 



3. You can further filter the Security and Concierge console by adding details about the package in the text box. 



4. Click the Search button.



5. Then, select the package you would like to view the details of and click on the entry under the What Happened column. 



6. A window displaying the full details regarding that package will open.



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